Torn Armor
PRESS RELEASE - Sep 26, 2014

Dice Crawl: Optional Rules for Advanced Solo Play and a new Ironman Mode!

Hi Dice Crawl players! Jim Pinto - the designer behind Dice Crawl - has come up with two new optional rulesets for your Dice Crawl games: an Ironman Mode and Advanced Solo Play rules!

Ironman introduces elimination rules and a lower dice count than maybe you are used to: it's Yahtzee meets a gladitorial contest and players aim to eliminate each other from the game.

The Advanced Soloplay Rules introduces three different gaming 'personalities' and play styles for your AI opponents! How will you beat them?

Download these FREE rules here!

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PRESS RELEASE - Sep 19, 2014

A status on shipping:

All USA Torn Armor packages to be shipped in September, Internationals (non-EU) in October, and EU freight in October with shipping to go out from England. We're eye-level in boxes over here and loving every minute of it!

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PRESS RELEASE - Aug 19, 2014

Gencon 2014!

SoulJar Games Report about GenCon 2014 from Ross A. Isaacs. SoulJAR Games attended GenCon for the first time this year and we had a blast. We enjoyed meeting with the fans, running demos, and just hanging out. This was the first time Alyssa, Jack, jim, and I hung out together for any length of time. I think we had more fun playing games together and cracking on each other than we did anything else. On to the highlights!

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PRESS RELEASE - Aug 18, 2014

Kickstarter Update #107: Wooooow ... so many updates to share

So ... yes ... wow ... we have a lot to talk about (and I suspect that we will have lots of updates coming over the next few months). I'd break this up into high-to-low priorities, but in all truth it's all equally important, so let's just jump straight in here:

Everything has arrived from China: Yes ... our modest little warehouse facility is now bursting at the seams with Torn Armor boxes and we could not be happier. The quality is exceptional and aside from a couple of burst shrink-wraps (due to the heat during transit, I'd surmise), nothing is damage and everything looks great.

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Torn Armor Game Play Video

Maychian Hero: Calain

Elemental Light Golem

Elemental Skirmisher Golem

Serpentfolk Mage

Vanaran Monk

Mu Slinger

Sisk Hero: Consia de Grualva

Sisk Light Golem

Sisk Skirmisher Golem

Sisk War Priest

Sisk Hoplite

Sisk Javelineer